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Welcome to IGAD Media Awards 2023


Engaging the media and keeping them informed through robust communication and participation have been given due emphasis as one of the corner stones of IGAD Communication Strategy. Building strategic partnerships with the media is deemed critical to the successful attainment of the IGAD Vision – “A resilient, peaceful, prosperous and integrated region where citizens enjoy high quality of life”. The media in the IGAD member countries, and beyond, play a critical role in raising awareness of the opportunities and benefits of multilateralism and regional approach to address the shared challenges, risks, and threats.

The critical role of media is also recognised by the initiatives from the IGAD Executive Secretary, Dr Workneh Gebeyehu, in terms of establishing a fully flegded Communication Unit at the regional organisation’s Secretariat and a Spokesperson’s position.

As a result of our sustained media engagement, including the Executive Secretary’s annual State of the Region Addresses of December 2021 and 2022 , IGAD has witnessed increased media coverage. However, there is still limited knowledge and awareness among the public about matters pertaining to the IGAD mandate, programmes, initiatives, and activities.

Through the IGAD Media Awards, the regional organisation and partners intend to:

  • Recognise and reward excellence in reporting on matters related to resilience to drought in the region;
  • Inspire journalists in the region and beyond to report more on matters surrounding drought in the region;
  • Promote accurate reporting and investigative journalism as well as creativity and innovation in presenting information about drought, resilience, and food security; and
  • Encourage media practotionners to involve centres of excellence in science, technology and innovation from inside and outside the region to shed light on persistent and frequent droughts and associated food insecurity in the region.


The IGAD Media Awards 2023 is meant to promote increased, factual and accurate reporting on drought resilience in particular, while the Media Awards initiative as a whole is destined to fostern realtions with media, promote journalism in the region and  increase visibility of IGAD broadly.

Frequency of the Event

The IGAD Media Awards is an annual occurrence held once every year, starting from 2023.

Competition Theme

Journalists are invited to submit original pieces and content of their work that highlight the benefits of ‘Cooperation for resilience against drought effects’, which can come in many shapes and forms. We encourage journalists to submit original pieces and content that explore the benefits of bilateral and/or multilateral cooperation in the fight against drought effects through a range of lenses, including food security, climate change, ecosystems management, water resources management, migration, regional investment projects, and much more. Why do we need cooperation on these issues? How do the people of the IGAD region benefit when countries decide to cooperate? We particularly welcome submissions with a strong focus on the impact of transboundary cooperation in these matters.

Articles published, TV and Radio indepth news items and documentaries aired betweenf January 1, 2022 and June 302023 are accepted. Entries must be in the following official languages; English and French, plus the following national languages: Amharic, Arabic, Luganda, Somali and Swahili.

Audio-visual entries in national languages with subtitles in English or French are accepted. Publications in National languages must be accompanied by translations in English or French.

Audio entries must be in English or French only.


  • Winning particpants will be invited to a two-day training session on IGAD mandate, programmes, achievements and challenges, which also consitutes a networking opportuinity with peers and with drought centres of excellence.
  • Invitation to participate in some IGAD major events through a journalists’ accreditation process to IGAD. This will also provide winning media practitionners the opportunity to participate in IGAD gatherings, and access content and experts.
  • Certificate and token prizes.

Awards Ceremony 

Winning participants will be recognised during a ceremony at the closing of the training workshop to be held in October 2023.







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