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Eligibility Rules and Submission Guidelines

“Narratives of Hope: Inspiring Peaceful, secure and inclusive Futures”

Television Eligibility Rules and Submission Guidelines Page

To ensure fairness and transparency, please familiarise yourself with the eligibility criteria and submission guidelines outlined below before submitting your entry. We look forward to honouring the impactful work of media professionals in the IGAD community.

  • All submissions must come through the online submission form provided.

  • All entries must be clearly labelled with the name of the participating journalist(s) and story title.
  • All work must be submitted in the same format in which it was broadcast.
  • Emailed entries must be in MP4 (most preferably), AVI or MOV format.
  • Entries must not be longer than 20 minutes.
  • Large files should be sent using Google Drive or other large file FTP services like SendSpace and BigFiles. Ensure that you enable all necessary access permissions.
  • If you choose to send files using a third party platform, please send an email to (subject: IGADMediaAwards2024).
  • If a link to a YouTube channel or video is provided, full access to enable viewing and download must be provided.

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