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The IGAD Media Awards celebrate excellence in journalism and media production across the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) region. As an organization dedicated to promoting peace, stability, and regional integration, IGAD recognizes the crucial role of media in informing, engaging, and empowering communities.

The awards honor journalists, media organizations, and storytellers who demonstrate outstanding commitment to ethical reporting and promoting dialogue and understanding within the IGAD region.

Organized annually, each year’s awards revolve around different themes, reflecting the evolving challenges and opportunities within the region. From investigative journalism to digital storytelling, the IGAD Media Awards encompass a wide range of categories to recognize diverse forms of media excellence.

Competition Group

Journalists are invited to submit original pieces and content of their work that highlight the Narratives of Hope: Inspiring Peaceful, secure and inclusive Futures, which can come in many shapes and forms.

Who can participate?

The awards are open to all practicing journalists, as well as freelancers, working in mainstream media or multimedia outlets from the 8 IGAD countries and who are citizens of one of the IGAD member countries: Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda.

Foreign media practitioners can also participate.

For more details on the rules and regulations, please click on the link

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No entry fee is required.


Winners will receive an invitation to a one-day training session covering IGAD’s mandate, programmes, challenges, and accomplishments. This session also offers a chance for networking with colleagues and drought centres of excellence.

Additionally, winners will be granted accreditation to participate in select major IGAD events through a journalists’ accreditation process. This grants winning media professionals access to IGAD assemblies, content, and expert insights.

Furthermore, winners will receive certificates and token prizes as recognition of their achievement.

To partner with us during the IGAD Media Awards

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